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Friday, 21 December 2012

Coffee Soap Cut

I unmolded and cut my coffee soap today. I like the look of it so far. When I took the picture the edges were darker than the center, but that has now evened out since all the surfaces have been exposed to air.

On it's own, I think the coffee scent is a little stark. I expected to love it more, because I love the smell of brewing coffee. It's not bad, it's just missing....something. I can't even define what it is. I do think at some point in the future, I will combine it with the Creamy Cinnamon Chai scent that I used in this soap as I think they will pair beautifully together.

As a side note, this is only my 6th batch of soap, and I can already see the difference in looks between this and my first two attempts. Part of that is using the wooden molds I think, but the majority is just simply that I have gotten better. And if I have gotten this much better after just a few batches, how much more fabulous will the soap I make in year's time be? Many of the experienced soapers at advocate waiting at least a year for those people wanting to sell, so that you can work out the kinks, and see how your soap holds up over time. I can absolutely see why that is.


Marieke said...

Your coffee soap looks great, pity the dark edges disappeared though, they look beautiful. I have the same feeling about coffee FO: it really does miss something which doen not make is smell like real coffee. I let a few people smell it without telling them what smell it was, none of them recognized it as coffee. I combined it with a bit of vanilla but I think your suggestion of the cinnamon-chai FO will work better.

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