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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Soaping Day

Ok, I am going to run out of unique titles for my posts at this rate.

Time to make soap again :)

Today, my recipe was

Olive oil 50 %
Palm Oil 20 %
Coconut Oil 20 %
Castor 5%
Shea butter 5%

I used Margarita Fragrance oil, which has a lovely lime scent. I did scent it a bit stronger than I normally would, as I know citrus scents do not hold well in cp soap. Didn't notice any acceleration, and it is too soon to tell if there is any discolouration. If it holds well, this may become one of my go to scents, as I love citrus.

I also had some dried juniper berries, which I used a blender to grind up, and added at trace as an exfoliant.

And then, because this soap did not have enough going on, I decided to try an in the pot swirl. That part didn't go so well. I wasn't sure how much mica to use, so I only added a small amount of a dark red  which left me with a strawberry-ish colour, and it wasn't a striking contrast to the rest of my batter. Then went I went to add it back to my "pot"  to swirl it, I discovered that as the rubbermaid container I use  is kind of narrow, and my trace was a bit thick, that I couldn't pour it as a swirl. It just layered on top of the batter already in my pot. I'm curious what it will look like when I unmold it.

As usual, no problems achieving a full gel.

Lessons learned from todays batch:

1) Use more mica
2) If trying ITP swirl, keep at a lighter trace
3) Use a container with a wider opening as the pot when doing an ITP swirl

I think I may need to hit a dollar store to get some plastic measuring cups to use in creating swirls, so I have something with a spout to pour with.


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