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Monday, 12 November 2012

Jumping in

After doing some searching, and getting some supplies and equipment ready, I was ready to try one on my own. Using, I created the following recipe:

1 Olive Oil pomace   158 g
2 Cherry Kern1 Oil, p.avium  22 g
3 Castor Oil  45g
4 Palm Kernel Oil 158g
5 Shea Butter 68g
Sodium Hydroxide 62g
Water 172 g

According to the numbers, this should yield me a nice handsoap. After a few false starts, ( and here I would like to thank my amazing other half for gamely running out to find a kitchen scale at the last minute when I discovered mine would not turn on) I was ready to go! I made this as a cold process soap a few hours ago, and I can barely wait to remove it from the mold.

Originally, I was going to use the storage container I had used for my class, but then read on a forum empty Pringles cans make good molds, and I just had to try it. If you are planning the same, I would not make the batch much bigger than mine, as the total weight of my oils  is just under 500g (approx 1 lb), and I filled the can up by two thirds.

I didn't take any pictures while I was making it, as I did not want to distract myself on my first attempt. I will take some and post them when I take it from the mold and cut it.

*** Update, Dec 8**

So we are at the 4  week mark, and I couldn't resist. I had to try using this soap. The scent has held quite well, and lather feels quite creamy.


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