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Monday, 26 November 2012

Lessons learned

Well, it looks like my soap from yesterday should be ok. I unmolded it, and while it is not exactly pretty, it is tongue neutral. It also looks like the fragrance separated, but none of the soaping oils did. Should be usable after a nice cure.

I did learn a few things from this batch:

1) It's been a good plan to make small batches as I learn, and hen using a new FO that has not been reviewed by other soap makers, I will stick to small ones, even as I gain more experience. When things started going wrong, I didn't panic much. Partly due to the research I have done in preparing for this craft. I did know that rebatching is not only possible, but not too much of a hassle. But even if it had not turned out, or been unsalvageable, I wasn't going to stress about that small amount of oils.

2) Cranberry seeds will discolour from red to brown in CP soap, and end up looking like flax seeds. They still look kinda cool in the soap, but not as pretty as in my head.

Even with the problems, I am still having quite a lot of fun with this. I need to start clearing some more space for curing, though, lol.


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